Social Stitchin’

I’ve been a knitter for over 20 years. My Aunt Lucille taught me to knit way back during a particularly cold and snowy winter in New Jersey. I would knit every now and again until I moved to Colorado and started attending Denver Stitch n Bitch. There’s something about meeting with other people on a weekly basis and talking about, looking at, and touching everyone’s projects that inspires you. I upped my game for sure after seeing all the great projects people were creating! I’ve also met so many wonderful people while stitching. I am still involved with Denver SnB and love meeting on Wednesday nights at different bars throughout Denver but I do have stitching friends who can’t make it to those events. While having coffee and knitting with one of those friends a few weeks ago, it was suggested that I start a weekday morning group for stitching over coffee or tea. So, tomorrow morning begins a weekly Social Stitchin’ group.

For this first week we’re meeting at Amethyst Coffee from 9am-11am. I’m not sure if we’ll continue meeting at the same location but will post a weekly event on my Facebook page. If you knit, crochet, hand sew, cross stitch or create some other portable craft, you’re welcome to join us! Also, please plan to buy a drink or something to eat in support of the business whose space we’re taking up for two hours. Hope to see you there!

Any questions, please email me at




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